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Mission Statement

Everewear aims to keep as many clothes out of the landfill as possible, allowing customers the ability to purchase gently used clothes in a more fun and convenient way.

What We Do

Everewear is personal styling service that only uses secondhand clothing. We pair data with stylists, in order to create a personalized box of clothing for each customer. No two boxes are the same!

Why We Do It

Everewear started when our founder became super interested in the future of fashion and the circular economy. However, before creating Everewear, there was a catch: a super exhausting and overwhelming secondhand shopping experience. Everewear founder, Anna Dorris created the company out of her college apartment because she wanted to create a better way to shop secondhand.

Our customers can know that when they are buying from us, they are helping save clothes from going to the landfill and are buying into a circular economy. Giving women the empowerment to feel good about themselves and the environment, is what we're all about.

Why You Should Care

Everewear is the only company that offers a personalized way to shop secondhand. Normally if you want to buy secondhand clothes, you are stuck with digging through racks and racks, or searching online for hours. With Everewear, all of the searching and guesswork is taken out of the secondhand shopping process and customers are left with an easy and fully customized experience.