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Build your style profile

Let us get to know you by telling us about your style, size, and preferences

Receive a style box curated just for you

We handpick 6 items (all pre-owned or vintage) that ships right to your door

Look and feel great

You can try on all 6 items and only pay for the ones you love. All return shipping is free and no subscription required

Keep the cycle going

Give your closet a style refresh and sell items you no longer love for cash or credit towards your next box

Sustainable Style

Tell us about your style

Tell us about your style

"I ordered my first box and am ecstatic because I literally purchased every item in the box; it all fit, was all my style and honestly, kept me from having to go to the store saving me time and money – two things I just don’t always have!"

— Chelsea M.

"I think this is just such a great system and I was so happy with the styles that I’m choosing to keep"

— Addie B.

"This was such a great experience. Very easy and good picks! Everything fit, which is magical. 2 things I didn't love but were totally worth trying. One shirt was nearly identical to something I own, so you nailed my style on that."

— Jess P.


Meet the founder

Everewear started when the founder became super interested in the future of fashion and the circular economy. However, before creating Everewear, there was a catch: a super exhausting and overwhelming secondhand shopping experience. Everewear founder, Anna Dorris created the company out of her college apartment because she wanted to create a better way to shop secondhand.

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